The power of steam (part 1)

Over a hundred years ago, it was used to power small vehicles and up until the 1980's, it was used to power passenger and cargo trains. Our history with steam dates back almost as far as the discovery of fire and while it's uses have varied over time, it still plays an important part in our daily lives.

Today's laundry appliances offer different steam cycles that can make your life easier by cleaning deeper and saving time,whether it's in the washer or the dryer.

When setting your washing machine at high temperature to lift tough stains, it usually reaches a temperature between 50 and 55 degrees Celsius. Machines equipped with a steam cycle heat up the water to over 100 degrees Celsius and then release the steam into the drum, penetrating the fibers to help the detergent break down and lift tough stains.

The added benefits also include sanitizing and reducing allergens in your clothes or bedding. Sanitation happens at a temperature of 78 degrees Celsius and a regular machine cannot reach that temperature. Using steam can also make your clothes softer and help eliminate the wrinkles that can appear when the washer starts it's spin cycle.

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Steam cycle in a washer

But what about the dryer?

Not to be outdone by it's sister appliance, the dryer can also offer a steam cycle and also a steam refresh option. When running a steam cycle, the dryer will add steam in the regular cycle to help prevent wrinkles on fabric that is more prone to be affected by it.

The steam refresh option provides you a level of forgiveness that you simply cannot find in a regular dryer. We've all been faced with searching for a piece of clothing in the morning, only to find it in the dryer after it spent the whole night there because we forgot about it. The refresh option can turn into your best friend by adding moisture and heat in a short cycle and then cooling the temperature while it tumbles at specific intervals until you are ready to take your clothes out.

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